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Air Conditioning Albuquerque

At Axiom Home Services, we have over 35 years of experience in residential heating & cooling installations! We are proud to say we've been locally owned and operated since the very beginning, and have helped Albuquerque residents stay comfortable all year round! Whether it's furnace installation or air conditioning repair, let us show you why at Axiom the job isn't done unless it's done right.

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Axiom Heating & Cooling

With over 35 years of experience, Axiom HVAC has been providing professional residential heating & cooling services to the residents of Albuquerque. Our main goal is to be your go-to company when you need maintenance on your home. Throughout the years, our company has received some great reviews, some customers swear we’re the best in this business. We only use the best materials and are dedicated to completing each project on-time and on-budget.

Albuquerque Air Purification

Even the smallest particles can have a large effect on your family’s health. That’s why we’re proud carriers and installers of Trane’s CleanEffects air filter! Trane has long been the industry-leader in home air purification and this model is no different. There is simply no air filter like this in the world, the air quality will be noticeable in no time. When you’re looking for high efficiency and great results look no further than this innovative air filter from Trane. Contact us for your free consultation.

AC Installation & Repair

When Albuquerque heats up, residents turn to Axiom Home Services to get cool! Our adept technicians work efficiently and thoroughly to get your home cooled quickly, which is why we're the premiere choice for air conditioning repairs, installations, and conversions! If you're tired of your swamp cooler, need someone to fix your leaking AC, or simply need a new one altogether, Axiom's professional grade service gets the job done right the first time, every time - guaranteed.


Trusted Heating & Cooling Services

We understand no one likes to have to spend their hard-earned money on heating & cooling repairs or upgrades. We also know that when you do have to spend that money you want to know you got your money’s worth. At Axiom Home Services in Albuquerque our mission is to provide you the best heating & cooling service possible. We do this by having the best trained staff of technicians performing installation or repairs using the highest quality equipment.

At Axiom we provide a 365 day guarantee to put your mind at ease that we provide honest heating & cooling services. We believe a job isn’t done unless it is done right. Those are the words we live by at Axiom and we feel you see we live up to them with each heating & cooling job we do.


Get a No-Strings Attached Free Consultation

Stay Warm – Axiom Furnace Maintenance

Albuquerque winters are beautiful, yet freezing cold. You want to make sure that your home’s furnace is at its best. You should check your furnace every year. A well kept furnace helps keep your home warmer and can save on energy bills. If you are looking to repair a current furnace, or looking to replace one we have the expertise to make sure your project is done on-time and on-budget.

We care about our local Albuquerque community and treat everyone as if you were a long-lost friend. We ensure that we operate on a set time schedule while using only the highest-quality materials and tools. Should your newly installed unit ever have issues we offer 24/7 emergency service. We will take care of you and your family. Do yourself a favor and make sure to write down our number. Give us a call at (505) 792-9742!




Staying Cool – AC Conversion & Maintenance with AXIOM

Being a desert city, the summer and spring in Albuquerque can get hot. When the temperature starts to rise, it’s imperative to get your Air Conditioning prepped and turned on so your home can remain pleasant. If you are still using a swamp cooler, however, you aren’t making the most of your cooling potential. Here at Axiom, we offer a full range of AC conversion services to quickly and easily convert your swamp cooler to air conditioning.

In addition to our conversion services, we also provide standard AC maintenance and repairs. When you want your AC unit turned on, we can come by your home or business and quickly change your building from heating to cooling. We can also fix any issues that may have arisen during the winter, or in pervious summers. If your unit is severely broken, we can also install new units efficiently and at an affordable price. At Axiom, we are committed to keeping your house cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it may be outside. To get your conversion or maintenance started, call us at (505) 792-9742!



Axiom’s 365 Day Guarantee

We truly care about the quality of our residential heating and cooling and the comfort of our valued partners. That’s why we offer a 365 “No-Risk” Guarantee on our services! We like to give 110% on every single job but sometimes things are out of our hands and that’s why our guarantee exists. When you choose Axiom, we’ll be by your side even after the job is completed!

See the difference honesty makes!

At Axiom we believe that the job isn’t done unless it is done right. This means providing you an honest estimate and then providing you with high quality professional service. We believe this approach makes us the best choice for all of your heating & cooling needs.