3 Furnace Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

3 Furnace Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you’re using your furnace, it’s important to feel confident that it’s providing heat in a safe, reliable way. But you don’t always know when your furnace is having issues, which is why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance with a company like ours that handles heating repair in Albuquerque. However, there are a few telltale signs that your furnace is on the fritz, and they come in the form of odors. Here are the most suspicious furnace smells that you need to address right away:

1. Rotten egg odor

This sulfuric smell means that you may have a natural gas leak in your home, which is cause for serious alarm, because natural gas in the air is highly flammable and could result in a fire or even an explosion in your home. You should leave your home right away and get to a safe place where you can call the fire department or utility company and have them investigate the situation.

2. Burning rubber or a similar smell like metal or electrical materials

This may sound like a complicated odor, but you should know it when you smell it. This could mean that pieces within your furnace are overheating – or even burning, which could be serious. In this situation, turn off your furnace immediately and then unplug it and contact your Albuquerque heating and furnace installation specialists, Axiom Home Services!

3. Dusty heat scent

This is a fairly common smell and can happen most frequently when you turn on your furnace for the first time in the season, because a natural amount of dust can build up during the warmer months when you aren’t using your furnace. Let your furnace run for a little while to see if it will burn off the excess dust that has accumulated. If the odor persists, check your air filter and make sure it is clean. If neither of these troubleshooting tips work, you should call your furnace technician to come take a look. There’s a chance that there’s a serious problem going on with your furnace, or at the very least, your furnace may require a deep cleaning that’s more than you can easily do at home.