3 Things About Furnace Installation Albuquerque Residents Should Know

3 Things About Furnace Installation Albuquerque Residents Should Know

In the market for a furnace? To make sure you’re getting the best possible setup for your needs, budget, and long-term considerations, consider these three things about furnace installation Albuquerque residents should know before they start shopping!

1. Details matter

When you’re looking at your options for furnace installation, it’s vital that you know just how quickly little details can add up to a major impact on the efficacy or efficiency of your installation. For example, sizing issues cause major problems with any HVAC installation; if your contractor isn’t taking the time and doing the math to figure out the perfect size for your furnace, you’re going to end up with a highly inefficient, ineffective, damage-prone unit, no matter how much you spend on it or how objectively good the unit is. The same goes for the quality of the ductwork and other easily-overlooked details. Learn to ask lots of questions, and know what answers to expect from a competent heating and cooling expert.

2. Pay attention to warranties and guarantees

A business that makes strong promises, backed by the force of contract, is a good business to work with, not just because they’re willing to handle any problems that arise, but because the confidence such strong warranties and guarantees indicate. If they didn’t plan to do their absolute best to avoid needing to spend time and money on replacements and repairs down the line, they wouldn’t be willing to offer such strong guarantees. When a company offers anemic or ambiguous guarantees, installs products with excessively limited or toothless warranties, or otherwise seems nervous about the quality of its own work, beware.

3. Cheap now, expensive later

Few decisions you make as a homeowner have as much potential to punish you for going cheap as your furnace installation. Going with the cheapest contractor and the cheapest products will save you money today, but could cost you tenfold in the long term. Even assuming nothing goes wrong is not a safe bet, with inferior labor and parts – you’re still looking at lower-efficiency products. People don’t pay a premium for Energy Star products just for the environmental considerations; in the long term, high-efficiency units save you a ton of money. More cutting-edge technologies cost even more, but have the potential for even greater efficiency, so it pays to invest what you can into your furnace.

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