4 Common AC Problems

4 Common AC Problems

Feeling a little too warm this summer? If you haven’t paid any attention to your air conditioner this season, you may want to call for cooling services. One or more of these four common AC problems may be causing you trouble, and Axiom Home Services can help!

1. Dirty coils and filters

Spring cleaning should include your air conditioner so it can run reliably all summer. Dirty components can make the fans or compressor die prematurely. You should clean or replace the filters about once a month. For more extensive cleaning, a technician will eliminate dirt in areas such as the coils, drain pan, and drain system.

2. Sensor issues

If your AC cycle is erratic, there may be a problem with the sensor. Behind the control panel of each air conditioner is this thermostat sensor. It is near the evaporative coil but should not be touching it. Sometimes the sensor gets knocked out of place and needs only a simple adjustment. Though it seems like a small repair, not addressing it leads to unwanted wear and tear on the rest of your system, ultimately costing you more money in the end.

3. Clogged drain

In humid weather, proper draining is crucial. If your home feels too warm, check the base of the unit and around exhaust fans for leakage. Look carefully for anything that looks like water damage. When the AC does not drain properly, it trips a water safety switch to prevent electrocution. While some people use bleach to unclog this drain, this is a bad idea and can even damage your equipment.

4. Leaky refrigerant

Ice on the evaporator coil is a sign of a refrigerant leak. This can make the unit overheat and damage the wiring. The worst thing that can happen is the compressor will burn out, and you will need to replace the entire unit. Don’t try to add more coolant yourself because this only makes the problem worse. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous for the environment and should only be addressed by a qualified technician.

To make sure you and your family stay cooler this summer, contact us at Axiom Home Services. We have over 35 years of experience and can remedy these common AC problems affordably, professionally, and as soon as you need!