4 Reasons to Switch from Swamp Cooler to AC

4 Reasons to Switch from Swamp Cooler to AC

Swamp coolers are a mainstay here in Albuquerque, but more homeowners are converting to an AC (air conditioning) system. While it may seem expensive to convert to AC, it is ultimately more convenient, especially if you are in need of swamp cooler repair. Air conditioning units are more energy-efficient, quieter, and require less maintenance than swamp coolers. The initial cost is offset by the time, money, and aggravation you save in the long run. Here are four reasons to consider an AC conversion.

1. AC units are more convenient that swamp coolers

With a swamp cooler, you may have issues with water, air flow or unpleasant smells. You also have to open and close windows to regulate the air flow. AC units operate with the flip of a switch and the temperature is easily adjustable. Air conditioning is better for homes with senior, handicapped or chronically ill residents because it is much easier to operate.

2. Swamp coolers add humidity to the air but AC units remove it

While we may think of Albuquerque as having a dry climate, as the area becomes more developed, new trees, lawns and other landscaping plants contribute to the humidity. If you live in a heavily landscaped area, your swamp cooler may not be as effective. Also, medical conditions such as COPD can be adversely affected by high humidity, and the extra moisture from swamp coolers may contribute to mold growth in your home.

3. Allergy sufferers benefit from the AC filtering system

Swamp coolers rely on open windows, allowing pollen and other allergens to drift in. An AC unit actually cleans the air in your home. It filters out allergens, pet dander and dust, making air quality one of the biggest advantages connected with air conditioning.

4. It is easier to control an AC unit

Swamp coolers do not let you regulate the temperature, they only make it cooler. An air conditioning unit allows you to set the perfect temperature and to switch easily between heating and cooling to create a more finely controlled environment. Most AC units also have smart thermostats that allow you to regulate energy use.

If you are in need of swamp cooler repair or are looking to upgrade to air conditioning, Axiom Home Services can help you assess your heating and cooling needs. Our professional HVAC technicians can visit your home, provide you with a quote and answer any questions. Contact us today for more information.