4 Reasons to Upgrade or Replace Your HVAC

4 Reasons to Upgrade or Replace Your HVAC

Heating and cooling represent a significant portion of anyone’s monthly power bills, with that cost being directly proportionate to the quality, condition, and appropriateness of the systems in place. The longer you delay on making necessary upgrades to your heating and cooling units, the more money you waste on inefficiency, excess maintenance, and other expenses. To decide if its time for an upgrade, consider these four reasons to make a change:

1) Energy efficiency. Perhaps the simplest reason to switch your heating or cooling services—the one which will make the most sense for the most people—is to upgrade to achieve higher energy efficiency. Green HVAC technology has come quite a way in recent years, meaning you can easily cut your heating and cooling costs to a fraction of what they may currently be. The older your system, the more likely this is to make sense.

2) Maintenance costs. If your system is old enough or wasn’t cared for at one time, it may be a significant expense to keep it running well, especially as parts get rarer and pricier and components start failing with increased frequency. Past a certain point, it gets far more effective to just replace your system outright than to keep patching the old one back together.

3) Poor climate control. If your HVAC isn’t keeping your home comfortable, it’s certainly time for an upgrade. There are any number of reasons this might happen—it may have been inappropriate from the start, it may have lost power over the years, or you might have different preferences from a previous owner, the list goes on and on. Keep in mind that poor climate control extends to excess humidity or an uncomfortably dry home, drafts and cold or hot spots, etc.

4) Wrong size or type. If your HVAC system wasn’t installed by a savvy professional, it might be the wrong size for your home. If it’s too small, telltale signs include it constantly running, never making your home quite comfortable enough, and wearing through parts rapidly, etc. If it’s too big, it will cycle constantly and may struggle with the same issues of energy efficiency, wear and tear, and other headaches.

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