5 Furnace Mistakes to Avoid

5 Furnace Mistakes to Avoid

Not many people are familiar with furnaces types or even their maintenance, especially since many purchase ready-made homes. However, it’s still essential that the equipment is properly maintained to prevent breakdowns. To avoid long cold nights and expensive maintenance fees, contact our furnace installation experts in Albuquerque for valuable information points on the mistakes you should avoid when dealing with furnaces. Five of the most common are:

1. Picking price over quality

Buying a cheaper brand of furnace to save a few dollars is ill-advised, because cheap is always expensive in the long-run, no matter if you’re talking about furnaces or cars. Such products break down frequently and do not provide value for your money, so always go for a trusted brand even if it costs a little more initially.

2. Waiting for your furnace to die

Don’t wait for your furnace to fall apart so that you can go shopping for another. No one wants to wake up to below zero degree temperatures or even come home to an equivalent surprise, especially when you’re not prepared financially. Make the choice now to go look for the right furnace, especially if you know your current one has overstayed its welcome.

3. Ignoring government ratings

Furnaces have ratings, so if you’re planning on purchasing a new furnace, the only rating you should be concerned with is the government rating.

4. Not hiring a qualified contractor to install your new furnace

Having a furnace serve you for a more than expected lifespan should reflect the work of a good job done by the contractor who installed it. To emphasize on this, ensure that you hire the right contractor for the job to avoid unplanned maintenance fees.

5. Not taking out the correct or necessary form of insurance

When insuring your furnace, ensure that the selected plan covers the crucial components of the furnace. Many insurance plans tend to leave out the heat exchanger, which is the most important and can be quite expensive to replace on your own.

If your furnace breaks down or you require servicing from the pros, get a reliable company in for the job. Make sure your family stays warm this winter and call Axiom Home Services of Albuquerque today for a furnace installation, repair, or annual service!