5 Worrying Things Folks Do in Their Furnace Rooms

5 Worrying Things Folks Do in Their Furnace Rooms

As well as keeping their furnace maintained, and repairing it as necessary, some folks can forget that the furnace providing that essential heating for their Albuquerque homes can also be a source of danger. This is not within the furnace itself, but how the spaces around it are used. Some people, particularly in homes where space is tight, tend to end up using areas in their furnace room for other things. This can be a source of unexpected danger. Here are five actions that are worth taking to inspect the area around your furnace.

1. Firstly, make sure that it hasn’t become a storage area. Often this can happen by accident rather than design. Watch that no clutter is slowly gathering anywhere near, or obstructing an access route to, your furnace.

2. It’s not simply the idea of storage, it’s also about some of the items that people have stored there. These can include dangerously flammable or combustible products, such as paints and thinners. Make sure you keeps these items out of your furnace room!

3. Some products, seemingly innocuous, can have a detrimental effect on the furnace itself. An example of this can be kitty litter. This is due to ammonia fumes, which can emanate from it and corrode areas such as the heat exchanger. Incidentally, in such cases, people have also wandered their home wondering where that unpleasant, lingering smell is coming from!

4. It’s frightening how often people actually hang laundry to dry on the equipment itself. Apart from the fact that this constitutes a potential fire hazard, such actions can also seriously impair vital ventilation processes.

5. Finally, we find some homes where the furnace, and the area around it, are covered in dust, perhaps with some broken old parts lying around. This is something we never accept, as our hugely experienced team always takes particular care to clean up scrupulously after any service or repair work we undertake. Make sure to keep the area around your furnace free from any obstructions and regularly vacuumed.

By checking the points covered above, you’re helping to make the most of the furnace supplied heat in your Albuquerque home, while also making sure that everyone is kept safe, as well as snug! While it’s getting warmer, it’s important to keep these in mind all year round! If you’re looking for furnace installation or air conditioning installation or repair, Axiom Home Services is here for you and your family!