How to Prepare Your AC for the Albuquerque Heatwave

How to Prepare Your AC for the Albuquerque Heatwave

The temperatures are rising: don’t get caught in the heat, prepare for the summertime sweat with some cooling services! Here are our some top tips to help you get everything sorted before the sun comes out!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

You don’t want that first day of extreme summer temps to come and only to have your air conditioner in a state of disrepair. When your AC unit sits idle for some time, there’s usually a need for maintenance, so bring in a professional before the heatwave strikes! Book an appointment before the season starts, before companies get lots of calls from others who waited until the last minute.

Do some self-maintenance as part of your spring cleaning

It’s always best to have a professional handle your cooling services, but there’s a little basic maintenance you can conduct yourself. Be sure to clean or replace any filters that look worse for wear. This is an easy, but important job. Try to replace or clean your filters two times a year, or sooner if they look really dusty. The more clogged your filter, the less cold air you’ll be getting, and the less efficient your AC will be.

Always check your exterior

Since you already have your mind set to clean, check the area near the condenser outside. Make sure there’s no debris or anything interfering with your unit – maybe there are leaves stuck in there from the autumn, or the windy spell you had a few weeks back has blown some rubbish into your unit. Clean your blower’s fan blades by using a vacuum and a rag. Tighten any loose bolts, and mop any water that might be inside your unit. And if this is maintenance you’d prefer not to do, we’ll gladly take care of it for you!

Testing, one two

To see how your air conditioner is running, be sure to test it. Remember, turn your thermostat off, then turn on your AC, and crank that thermostat to cold temperatures. Once your unit is good to go, sit back, relax, and stay cool this summer.

If you experience any trouble with your cooling system in Albuquerque, know that we’ll come out quickly to fix the problem.