5 Facts That’ll Make You Grateful for Your Air Conditioner

5 Facts That’ll Make You Grateful for Your Air Conditioner

During these hot summer months, you’re probably very glad to have an air conditioner in your home. But a long time ago, cooling Albuquerque would have been a very different and far more difficult experience. You couldn’t just call up Axiom Home Services for an easy AC conversion like you can today! Here are a few of the strangest precursors to our modern air conditioning, and why you shouldn’t take your AC unit for granted:

1. In the third century AD, the emperor Elagabalus was so determined to stay cool that he used donkeys to import piles of snow from the mountains, so that he could build his own mountain of snow in his personal villa garden and try to cool off in the hot summer months.

2. As pioneers of many advanced technologies, it’s no surprise that the ancient Romans were the first to try to regulate temperatures inside their homes. The wealthiest citizens used the aqueduct system in the city to circulate cold water through their walls, which had the effect of cooling down the overall temperature of the room.

3. One of the more arduous alternatives to our HVAC systems was the tedious task of fanning oneself, which may have started in China, where hand fans have been found from 3,000 years ago. In the second century, an inventor helped them upgrade by creating the first rotary fan to cool an entire room. This, however, was still powered by hand.

4. In some cultures, getting a cool room required a lot of advanced planning – all the way back to the blueprints of your house. In traditional architecture in the Middle East, they built their houses with windows facing away from the sun and wind towers to catch the breezes and provide some circulation.

5. In America in the late 1800s, they still hadn’t quite figured out anything close to our modern AC units. President James Garfield was cooled off in the White House with a strange contraption that blew air through sheets that were soaked with ice water. It may have done the trick, but it was certainly quite a hassle.

Today, we don’t have to worry about finding bizarre ways to keep cool, because we have modern HVAC systems that can easily be repaired and replaced by Axiom Home Services, so we never have to spend a day without a quality, fuss-free system to cool you down and give us a call!