Why Is My Air Conditioner So Noisy?

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Noisy?

All air conditioners make some noise while running, even when they are operating as they should. This is because they are large machines with many moving parts. If the noises from your HVAC system have started to get louder, this could indicate a serious problem.

Common noises from an HVAC system
The compressor and fans in your system are the loudest parts under normal circumstances. Ways that you can quiet these noises include the use of sound blankets. Other issues include fan blades that need to be cleaned and parts that require lubrication. Having your air conditioner inspected and maintained on a regular basis can prevent these problems.

Noises that require immediate action

• Rattling in the outdoor unit – The outdoor unit may emit a rattling noise because something has fallen into it. Causes may include leaves, sticks and other types of debris. If the cause of the rattle sounds metallic, it could be a screw or other metal object from within the unit.

• Rattling in the indoor unit – Your compressor may rattle simply because of its age. As it gets older, the rattling is likely to get louder. This is often the first indication of a major problem.

• Grinding noises – Potential problems with a fan motor include worn bearings, which are often signaled by grinding noises.

• Popping noises – Popping noises may result from problems with your ductwork rather than with your air conditioning unit itself. Like any other part of your HVAC system, your ductwork requires regular maintenance to work properly.

Hissing noises – If you have a refrigerant leak, this can cause your air conditioner to emit a hissing noise. If the refrigerant is leaking in your unit, you will need to call in a professional; this is not a problem that you should be handling yourself.

Preventing noises from your HVAC system

The most important HVAC maintenance step for a homeowner is to change the AC filter regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to frequency of changing the filter. Note that certain factors can cause filters to become clogged quickly. For example, pet owners may want to change filters sooner than the manufacturer recommends. The next most important step for preventing noises is to have your system regularly inspected by a trained HVAC technician.

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