Air Conditioning Installation

AC Installation, Repair, & Conversions

Albuquerque’s summer weather can be relentless, forcing you to run your outdated swamp cooler all hours of the day and still not getting any relief. Why waste money?

A swamp cooler requires excessive maintenance to stay efficient, and let’s face it – not everyone’s calling a contractor to service their evaporative coolers every few months like they should. At Axiom Home Services, we have over 35 years of experience to help you & your family stay cool this summer!


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Why AC?

Air conditioning has numerous benefits when compared to swamp coolers, especially in New Mexico’s climate. If it’s too hot, a swamp cooler can struggle to uphold a constant, cool temperature in your home. And during those rare occasions when we see a rise in humidity? A swamp cooler loses its efficiency, whereas an air conditioner maintains its consistency. An AC’s productivity means more money in your pocket. How? Less water usage, less time running, less maintenance.

  • Air conditioning can withstand higher temperatures, while swamp coolers cannot.
  • Swamp coolers raise humidity levels in your home, making it a breeding ground for mold & mildew.
  • A filtration pump can be added to ACs to remove pollen, dirt, dander & more from your home.
  • No water required, meaning lower water bills. Higher efficiency means lower energy bills.

Axiom AC Conversions

Your swamp cooler is out of date & Axiom Home Services wants to help. Our expert technicians can perform an AC conversion to swap out that old swamp cooler with a brand new, Trane Air Conditioner – the best in the industry!

Albuquerque AC Installation

New house need a new air conditioner before that Albuquerque sun hits? We’ll help you choose the right size & style of AC for optimum efficiency & ultimate cooling! Our affordable prices can’t be beat!

Air Conditioning Repair

There’s no greater panic than when your air conditioning fails in the dead-heat of summer. Luckily, you’ve got Axiom’s technicians are on your side! Our efficient, affordable, and lasting repairs are just a call away.

Contact the experts at Axiom Home Services Today for a cooler Tomorrow!