Become a Cool Customer This Summer with Insulation

Become a Cool Customer This Summer with Insulation

Let’s set the scene. It’s 6am in Albuquerque; the dog days of summer. You’ve woken up early to enjoy your poached eggs in the cool of the morning. It’s a welcome respite from the otherwise punishing heat of the day. The night has cooled your house and it’s downright delightful. You allow yourself to think that maybe, just maybe, these conditions will last.

It’s now 3pm. You’re in your living room, trying to work but it’s 88 degrees inside. The dog is trying to sleep on the bathroom floor and the ice in your Arnold Palmer melted in fifteen seconds. What happened? You have insufficient insulation!

If you lack air conditioning and need to make the most of that cool morning air, you need to be certain that you have proper insulation. It’s essential to maintaining ideal conditions, and if you plan on getting an AC conversion in the near future, you’ll need to insulate regardless. So here’s the question: do you do it yourself?

If you want to save a ton of dough up front, lower your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%, and make sure that your home is ready for AC conversion in the future, a spray insulation kit may be the way to go. But this requires a different level of DIY expertise opposed to building a dog house for Spot, so you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before getting started.

Spray foam insulation is a fast and effective method for insulating your home but the devil is in the details. Make sure to fully read all specifications for your kit and have a plan in place before starting. You must also have room to complete the job, as once you’ve started you won’t be able to stop for more than 30 seconds or the foam will dry in your spray nozzle. Also, foam is very messy. It sticks and it’s not something you want in your mouth and eyes, so be sure to wear appropriate clothes and protection.

Insulating the attic and basement yourself could be your ticket to surviving the sweaty depths of the summertime blues. As warmer temperatures approach, be sure to prepare your AC! At Axiom Homes Services, we can make sure your AC is working efficiently so your insulated home can keep the cool air in, not warm air!

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