Emergency AC Repair? 6 Tips to Stay Cool While You Wait

Emergency AC Repair? 6 Tips to Stay Cool While You Wait

Sports enthusiasts know the adage that the best defense is a good offense. At Axiom Home Services in Albuquerque, we recommend routine maintenance of your air conditioner to prevent cooling services emergencies, but sometimes things just happen. In the event of an air conditioner emergency, use these tips to keep cool while your cooling services are repaired!

Temporary DIY air conditioner
This old school cooling services trick won’t cool you down the way a properly maintained air conditioner can, but it will help relieve the oppressive heat in an emergency. You need a shallow pan, plenty of ice, and a fan. Fill the pan with ice and position it in front of the fan. Sit within close proximity of the fan and you’ll feel a cooling breeze – and possibly a refreshing mist!

Cool down pulse points
Wrap ice packs in damp dish towels. Apply to pulse points: around your ankles, wrists, and back of neck. If you have a reusable ice bag for headaches, fill it with ice and cool water to place on your head to boost the cool down.

Water to the rescue
Cool water will cool you down internally and externally. Taking a cool shower and staying hydrated with plenty of cool water will help you lower your temperature.

Create a cross-breeze
Setting up multiple fans across the room will create a cross-breeze that helps lower the room temperature.

Go natural
Wearing loose fitting, cotton clothes will let your body naturally sweat and cool down. Feeling bold? Skip the clothes entirely. Don’t forget your bed linens: cotton, preferably Egyptian cotton, will keep you cooler while you sleep. Give sheets an extra chill by putting them in the freeze for 10 to 15 minutes before bed.

Eat salad or take-out
Stoves, dishwashers, and laundry machines (especially dryers) add unnecessary heat in the home. It’s always recommended to skip the heavy appliance use while the sun is out during Albuquerque’s warmest months, but in an air conditioning emergency, avoid their use entirely!

We hope these few tips will keep you cool while you search for a air conditioning repair professional. When temperatures start to reach 90 degrees in your home, we understand that you need the quickest relief, and repairs from a knowledgeable technician that won’t pull you around in circles. Call Axiom Home Services at (505) 792-9742 for affordable emergency air conditioning repair! For more information about air conditioners, swamp coolers and more, visit our other blogs!