Factors to Determine Furnace Efficacy

Factors to Determine Furnace Efficacy

Trying to make sure you’re wasting the least amount of heat and power possible with your furnace this year? Then you need to account for a variety of factors — sizing, basic energy efficiency, weatherproofing, and more. To make the most of your furnace, consider these factors for facing the cold!

Basic furnace efficiency
At the most basic level, you should measure the efficiency of your furnace by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, which simply states how efficiently a furnace turns fuel into heating energy, measured as a percentage. Most newer furnaces will have percentages very close to 100%; if yours isn’t, it might be a weak point in your overall home energy efficiency.

Local energy costs
Depending on where you live, the most cost-efficient furnace might vary — fuel costs can vary by location, making one sort of furnace more or less efficient than it would be a few miles down the road. Understanding your local fuel costs (and what those numbers translate to in terms of heating a home) will help you determine fuel efficiency of different furnaces far more accurately than simply assuming one or the other is cheaper.

Proper sizing
Improper sizing of any HVAC component can give your home’s heating and cooling efficiency a major hit. Units such as furnaces and air conditioners are designed to run at a certain level, for a certain amount of time each day; if they’re too big or too small, they run primarily outside of these maximally efficient ranges, wasting money. Bigger isn’t always better and smaller isn’t always cheaper.

Insulation quality
Weatherproofing and general insulation of your home has a huge impact on your home heating efficiency. Something as simple as changing blinds for thick curtains can have a major impact on how much work your furnace needs to do each year, which in turn can have major impacts on your energy consumption and expense.

Changing filters, cleaning out ducts, and fixing damaged parts — these all contribute to maximizing the efficiency of your furnace. If you let it run in poor shape, you’re going to get poor performance; if you expect the same temperatures despite that poor performance, that means running it a lot more. If you notice a problem, contact someone for heating and cooling services immediately instead of waiting to see what happens.

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