Furnace Installation & Heating Services

If you have a furnace that has stopped working or isn’t heating your home as well as it should, it’s time for an inspection. For essential matters such as this, place your trust in a heating company with experience! We’ll inspect it and determine if it just needs a few new parts, or if a complete overhaul is required. Certain cases, such as a crack in your furnace’s heat exchanger, require immediate attention and replacement. If left uncared for, deadly Carbon Monoxide could be leaking into your home and putting your family at risk.

Furnace Replacement & Repair

For furnaces 15 years or older, it’s time for a replacement! We understand the cost of a brand new furnace may seem daunting, but holding onto an outdated model is the same as throwing away money. Have you noticed your fuel bill rising with each winter season? Furnaces of this age are incredibly inefficient. To account for its inadequacy, you wind up leaving it on for longer periods of time and making bigger dents to your wallet.

Newer furnace models have efficiency ratings set in place to ensure each unique home can be fitted with the best make suited to your home’s specific heating needs. We’ll help you determine which model is right for you and ensure the furnace installation process lives up to Axiom’s Concierge Services every time.

Heating Maintenance

There are various home heating options and we know them all! Whether you need advice with your repair to your baseboard system, boiler, or gas and electric furnaces, our certified team will get your home up to a pleasant temperature in no time! Complications with your thermostat, unlit pilot lights, and duct leaks may seem insignificant at first, until you turn on your heater after a cold day outside and nothing happens!

Here are just a few problems you may encounter with home heating:

  • Furnace produces little to no heat
  • Furnace is loud or makes too much noise
  • Furnace “short cycles” or turns on/off repeatedly
  • Baseboard heater temperatures are erratic
  • Electric furnace fan isn’t running

We know the weather in Albuquerque is unpredictable, and in just one day temperatures can drop significantly. Don’t get caught off guard this season, make sure your furnace is in working order before the winter really hits! Nothing is more comforting than returning to a warm, happy home.