Is Your Furnace Scraping, Squealing, or Banging

Is Your Furnace Scraping, Squealing, or Banging

This can be a noisy time of year when many folks end up suffering with coughs, colds or sniffles. These are unpleasant, and if untreated, can develop into something more serious. One thing’s for sure – you’ll hear these people coming before they walk into the room!

It’s also true that your furnace may make a few complaining noises, and as with humans, these should be investigated in case they suggest an underlying problem. Here are three questions to ask about such sounds…
1. Is my furnace squealing?
If a high-pitched sound is escaping from your furnace then this might be caused by a variety of different reasons. These can include: a fault in your blower motor, shaft bearings in desperate need of some oil, or problems with the blower belt (it might just be looser than it should be, or it could have started to fray).

2. Is my furnace scraping?
If there is the unpleasant sound of metal scraping up against metal pouring from your furnace, then this can suggest a problem with the blower wheel. In such cases, it makes sense to switch it off and seek professional help from our Axiom Home Services team, who are experienced heating repair professionals here in Albuquerque. It might be a simple repair that prevents further damage, but could also signal that the blower wheel is broken.

3. Is my furnace banging?
If you hear such a sound – or perhaps more of a pop – then this might be caused by dirt on the burners which delays ignition, and then this sound is caused by ignition of the excess gas which can build up. If your system has metal ducts this noise can also be caused by their expanding or contracting. This could mean they are smaller than ideal size, or too flimsy for purpose.

Every home has its noises, and many are nothing to worry about. But if any of the above sounds are disturbing you when they emanate from your furnace, then there could be an underlying problem. The answer is to contact our team. Often, a minor problem can be sorted before it causes major damage to the furnace and the heating system in your Albuquerque home.