The Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Installs

The Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Installs

The air conditioners available today are far more efficient with regard to energy consumption than older units. However, they have to be installed correctly for you to reap the benefits of their energy efficiency. If they are not, it is possible that you will have problems that are very expensive to fix. Not having your air conditioning installations performed by a professional can also result in systems having shorter lifespans, calling for unexpected Albuquerque air conditioning repairs. Among other things, installing an air conditioner requires calculating the right cooling loads and choosing the ideal system for your home.

Calculating cooling loads

To get your home to a comfortable temperature, a certain amount of heat must be removed from its interior. That amount of heat is known as the cooling load. The cooling load will vary from room to room, which means you will have to choose an air conditioner with your home’s size in mind. Furthermore, the technician handling the installation must correctly size ducts to ensure that the cool air is distributed effectively.

The importance of your air conditioner’s size

While an oversized air conditioner may seem like the perfect way to get your home to a comfortable temperature quickly, bigger is not necessarily better in the HVAC world. Oversized units tend to short-cycle. This means that a system that is too big for the space that it is cooling will not run for long enough to remove sufficient humidity. This is a problem since removing humidity is one of the main jobs of an air conditioner. In addition, the stopping and starting that comes with short cycles can cause wear on parts so that you may need to replace it sooner than you would with an appropriately sized system.

An undersized system will cause a different set of problems. Namely, it will run for longer without ever being able to get your home to a comfortable temperature. At the height of summer, you may see as much as a 20-degree difference between the temperature in your home and the temperature on the thermostat.

A professional HVAC technician will know how to set your system up to maximize both its lifespan and its performance. If you need your air conditioning installation handled quickly and efficiently, contact Axiom Home Services today!