Important Questions to Ask About Your Heating System

Important Questions to Ask About Your Heating System

We know how sharp the winters can be in and around our home city. If you have been out and about, especially early or late in the day, you want a warm and welcoming environment when you return. To make sure that the heating for your Albuquerque home is at its best, here are five important questions it’s worth considering before the weather really cools down…

1. Are your heating bills too high?

Well, we guess everyone would say yes, but a poorly functioning system can have an effect on how much you’ll end up paying. It’s worth checking to see if the relative costs (apart from any actual price increases) have gone up over the last couple of years. If so, this may be reflecting the inefficiency of your furnace or heating delivery system.

2. Is your heating system making more noise?

Let’s face it, as we get older, we all do! Groaning when getting out of that comfortable chair, or that occasional yelp when a twinge suddenly hits home. Your heating can also make kind of similar noises, indicating that a service, repair or even perhaps a change might be for the best. To find out more about what these noises mean, please check our recent blog post: ‘Noisy HVAC system? 4 common noises and their meanings‘.

3. Are there certain smells that weren’t there before?

This might be cooking odors that seem reluctant to clear, but also smells such as rotten eggs, burning rubber, and dusty heat can suggest problems with the system. Again, our blog post: ‘3 furnace odors you shouldn’t ignore‘ will provide more really valuable information.

4. How even is the heat throughout your home?

You might feel that some rooms are colder than they should – or used to – be; or there are areas where the heating doesn’t seem to be having much impact. It’s also worth remembering, with air-con, whether these areas were more stifling during hot summer days!

5. How do you start an important conversation?

Answering the above questions gives you an idea of key areas to consider about the heating (and cooling) in your Albuquerque home. You may also have other points you’d like to discuss. Call 505-792-9742 for an obligation-free chat with a member of our Axiom Home Services team and take advantage of our 35+ years of experience in coping with our great city’s climate!