Albuquerque Cooling & Heating Maintenance

As with most appliances in your home, your AC and Furnace need regular upkeep. Without routine maintenance, your cooling and heating units can be subject to larger problems down the line. If you need maintenance on your unit, call Albuquerque’s best HVAC service specialists – Axiom Home Services!

AC Maintenance

A general rule of thumb is that your AC unit should be inspected at least once per year. When you hire Axiom to perform your AC inspection, we will make sure to perform a thorough inspection of your unit for any possible maintenance issues. After identifying any problems, we will then change out any small parts that need replacing such as belts and hoses, or if there are any major issues, we will then consult you to schedule a full repair.

With regular maintenance from Axiom, your AC unit will last longer and work better!

Furnace Maintenance

Just as your AC unit need a yearly inspection, so does your heater. When we come to perform your maintenance we will first turn off the unit and gas lines to ensure proper safety. We will then get to work inspecting all the inner workings of your heater. As with any mechanical device, components and pieces of your heater will wear down over time. If this is the case with your unit we will then replace any worn down parts. If there are any glaring issues, we will then inform you of them and schedule a time to come and fix your broken heater.

When you use Axiom, we will make sure your heater works every time you turn it on so you can be warm and comfortable in your home!