Noisy HVAC? Common Noises and Their Meaning

Noisy HVAC? Common Noises and Their Meaning

Whether your HVAC system is old or new, it’s not immune to problems. One of the first signs many homeowners notice is an odd sound coming from their air conditioner or furnace. When operating normally, most systems are typically quiet, though some emit a soft hum or buzz. Loud, unusual noises can indicate that you need to contact a professional in the heating and cooling services industry. While not every alarming sound means expensive cooling and heating repair, most do require the help of a professional. Here are just a few you can listen out for, as well as what those sounds may mean.

It’s normal to hear the soft rush of air through the vents in your home as your air conditioner or heater blows air through the duct work. However, if this sound turns into a louder hiss, it could mean that your duct work isn’t sealed properly or that there is a coolant leak.

Does your HVAC system sound like it’s screeching or squealing? If so, the issue is probably with the blower motor. The motor bearings may not be lubricated properly or there may be a bad belt. This problem requires the help of a professional.

If you hear a loud thumping noise, there will be little doubt in your mind that something is wrong with your HVAC system. Sometimes the problem is small; a screw may need to be replaced or a belt may need tightened. Other times, the issue is much larger; the motor mount may have become loose or you may have a blower that’s out of alignment. In either case, an HVAC specialist is needed to assess the issue and make the proper repairs.

Loud rattling sounds that come from the exterior unit are often caused by debris that gets inside the AC unit and blocks the fan from working properly. Many times, you can get rid of this sound without any help. After turning off the power to your HVAC system, look for any visible debris, then remove it. Before you turn the unit back on, look to see if the debris caused any damage to the fan, compressor or condenser coils. If so, contact your preferred specialist.

Loud noises often indicate an issue with your HVAC system. If you hear something strange from your unit, don’t wait. Call Albuquerque’s most trusted HVAC experts – Axiom Home Services for assistance to prevent damage to your HVAC system.