Planning for a Furnace Replacement

Planning for a Furnace Replacement

A new furnace, like any appliance for your home, costs money. Keeping your home warm is a necessity to get you through the winter, and, with average highs of 47ºF in January, heating in Albuquerque is particularly important. That is why you must have a solid plan when it comes to replacing your furnace.

The lifespan of a furnace can be pretty long; it’s not uncommon for them to live for up to 40 years, though at this age it is highly likely that it is not working to its best capacity. On the other hand, they can be unpredictable and can even have a lifespan as short as 15 years. That is why you must always be prepared to replace your furnace, or to get it repaired.

When deciding whether your furnace needs replacing or repairing, keep in mind that it has three main parts: the blower, the burner, and the heat exchanger. This is unless it’s an electric furnace, which has heating elements, not burners. The burner or heating element creates the heat; the ‘heat exchanger’ separates the combustion gases from the breathable air, and the blower sends it through the duct system. When one or more of these parts ceases to operate, that’s when it’s time to replace your furnace, or call in a professional.

You need a furnace. For that reason, you should always have some spare funds set aside to cover repair and even the cost of replacing one. Use a budget app or a good old fashioned pen and paper to organize your funds, with a special category for your heating needs. You should also plan for furnace tune-ups to keep your furnace healthy throughout its lifespan.

These tips will keep you and your furnace on track. A furnace is a complicated machine, but because it’s so important, it requires adequate planning to keep it working properly. You can save a lot of effort, headache, and money by planning for your furnace replacement or repair before you even need it, because you can be guaranteed that one day you will. When that day does come, you can count on Axiom to provide you with concierge services and the best in industry leading equipment to get you back on track!