Why You Should Never Perform DIY HVAC Filter Recycling

Why You Should Never Perform DIY HVAC Filter Recycling

We often receive requests for environmentally-friendly HVAC maintenance solutions. Dirty filter disposal is one of the most common topics since HVAC filters are typically made of one or more recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, plastic and metal.

However, why do we never recommend do-it-yourself filter disposal through standard residential recycling methods? Take a look!

Environmental contamination
Whether your filters are covered in 60 or 90 days worth of debris, they still have enough loose particles on them that can contaminate surfaces and the air in any environment where you carry or store them. This is why owners and renters should immediately place dirty filters inside sealable plastic after removal. Even if you decide to break down the filters outdoors, you could contaminate all nearby surfaces and the air with dust, dirt, hair, dead skin cells, dust mites and insects, pollen, mold spores and other particles.

Health damage
Worse yet, you expose yourself to this harmful debris. You can exacerbate an existing health condition or cause the onset of a new one. For example, if you fail to wear a mask, you risk breathing harmful particles into your lungs. You can cause permanent lung damage if you tear apart a fiberglass filter. Even with a mask, you might experience skin or immune system symptoms from allergies related to dust mites, pollen or mold.

Repeat cleaning
Both do-it-yourself indoor and outdoor recycling efforts almost always recontaminate a home. Even if you work outside, the debris may eventually find its ways back inside in the air that passes through windows, doors and vents, or on your clothing. Your new HVAC system filter then becomes partially wasted on removing the same debris from the air as the old one.

The best method for recycling dirty filters is to contact the experts at Axiom Home Services who can perform the removal and installation of new filters for you! Avoid the hassle of this crucial task and get the professionals. Call us now at 505-792-9742 today to schedule your air conditioning filter replacement, repair, or brand new installation!