Why You Should Regularly Change Your AC Filter

Why You Should Regularly Change Your AC Filter

It may seem like a lot of hassle to change the filter on your air conditioner, but it’s a simple fact that regularly switching filters (approximately once a month) can ensure that your air conditioning system functions effectively all year round.

Of course, some people are reluctant to change the filter themselves; the good news is that our cooling services team are on hand to do the work for you. Still not convinced? Here are some very good reasons that you should be regularly changing your filters:

Maintaining your air conditioning unit
When your air is clean, it can be easy to neglect the fact that your air conditioner filter should be regularly changed – after all, if the air is perfectly fine, why bother?

The truth is that the filter in your air conditioner isn’t only there to purify the air; its primary purpose is to keep large dust and dirt particles from entering your air conditioning system and damaging components. When the filter becomes clogged, this can stop air from traveling through the system and this spells trouble for your air conditioner, as it is designed to receive a set air-flow. By neglecting to change the filter, you could end up having to pay for costly repairs to your air conditioning unit, and you might even end up with higher energy bills.

What if the filter doesn’t look dirty?
Just because the filter appears to be clean, it doesn’t mean you should ignore a monthly change. Many particles are small enough to be undetectable by the naked eye, and there may be germs which multiply the longer the filter is kept in place – put simply, there could be all sorts of unhealthy materials which you won’t want to be breathing in.

It seems costly to replace a filter every month
It’s quite simple, really. By neglecting to change your filter, you will only spend more money in the long run on repairs. Prevention is better than cure, and in any case, your energy bills will be lower with a clean filter allowing air to flow freely without your AC unit having to do all the work.

If your air conditioning unit needs servicing, we’re experts in all things cooling. Simply call us and one of our friendly and experienced team in Albuquerque will be able to help.