Replace Your Swamp Cooler with AC!

Replace Your Swamp Cooler with AC!

Swamp coolers are a typical way that residents of the southwest cool their homes. For some, they are ideal, but they cool unevenly and don’t remove water from the air. Or, you may have health issues that are aggravated by pollutants. There are several advantages of AC conversion, including cleaner indoor air and a more comfortable humidity level.

More properly referred to as an evaporative cooler, swamp coolers are thought to be named for the swampy smell they sometimes generate. Air conditioners filter air, while swamp coolers just circulate it. If you have a respiratory illness like asthma, this is especially dangerous. Pollution and smoke from fires could enter your home. If the swap cooler is not maintained correctly, outside odors and even mold and mildew can circulate inside.

An air conditioner works like a big refrigerator. The air moves through cycles, cooling the air and removing the humidity. The air does not have to leave the house and a filter traps dust and other irritants. This is why hospitals use air conditioning as way to help provide a sanitary environment. It is easy to keep your home comfortably cool because the AC cycles off and on, in accordance with your desired temperature setting.

Another big difference between AC and swamp coolers is humidity. Air conditioners remove it and swamp coolers don’t. If you have treasured books, wood furniture or electronics they are at risk from excessive humidity. Condensation can occur inside your home, prompting the development of mold or mildew.

Swamp coolers need a water supply to work, and that itself can cause problems. The water line is at risk for freezing during cold weather, and the moisture attracts mosquitoes in the summer. If there are frequent water restrictions in your area, switching to AC can save resources. Air conditioners don’t need a water line or to be winterized.

While it seems that swamp coolers always need maintenance, air conditioners need much less. A unit in good condition only needs an occasional filter change. While swamp coolers are touted as more environmentally sound, air conditioners are becoming more energy efficient. A newer unit with a good Energy Star rating will both save you money and keep you comfortable.

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