Albuquerque Heating Repair & Installation Experts

Air Conditioner Installation

A home without an air conditioner is not a happy place. We’ve been providing our expert air conditioner installations to Albuquerque’s residents for over 3 decades. We can install many different brands and units of air conditioners in your home in a timely and professional manner. Regardless of your home’s size, whether it’s a one-story home or a two-story townhome we can install a professional unit that efficiently cools your home while keeping costs at a reasonable level. We always come inspect your home, measure the area to be cooled, and consult with your before giving you a quote.


Evaporative Cooler Installation

Otherwise known as a “Swamp Cooler,” an evaporative cooler is another great cost-effective option to keep your home and family comfortable in these upcoming Spring months. We can provide quick, easy, painless, affordable, and hassle-free evaporative cooler installations and start-ups.


AC Conversion

For those looking to get the most in cooling, an AC conversion can easily change over your cooling from evaporative cooling to air conditioning.  We will come in, remove your existing unit, and replace it with a new AC unit quickly, and at a reasonable cost to you. With AC conversion, you can leave your house cooler, while also reducing moisture, improving air quality, and all with less maintenance costs!


Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the quality of your home’s air can have negative effects on your family’s health? Pollutants, dirt, and other debris can aggravate allergies and cause other illnesses. Begin enjoying the air in your home with one phone call! We’re here to ensure that your family enjoys a comfortable and safe environment. We proudly offer Trane’s CleanEffects Air Cleaner, the world’s most effective air filtration system to help eliminate harmful pollutants from your family’s home.


Furnace Installation & Heating Repair

A furnace is the key to keeping your home and family warm during the frigid winter months of Albuquerque. We offer the same level of care and attention to detail to furnace installations. We ask many questions regarding your specific needs before we give you a quote or start working on your home and furnace. We have experience with many different industry-leading brands, makes, and types of units.


24/7 Emergency Service

In order to provide the same phenomenal customer service we’re known for, we currently offer 24/7 Emergency Service to our existing customers. If you suspect your air conditioning or heating isn’t working properly, please give us a call. We like to operate under the saying, “The Job Isn’t Done Unless It Is Done Right.”