Tips to Keep Comfortable with Less Energy Use

Tips to Keep Comfortable with Less Energy Use

Trying to cut HVAC costs this year? Axiom suggests these seven steps to a lower power bill – while retaining comfort.

1) Clean your ducts and vents

Any obstructions in your ducts or vents will cause problems with heating and cooling over time. This isn’t just your HVAC vents and ducts—make sure dryer vents and the like are kept clean and clear as well. They’re there for a reason!

2) Keep your filters clean

The filters on your HVAC systems do a lot of useful work, not the least of which is keeping that filth out of the air you breathe. Nearly as important is keeping that dust and debris out of the HVAC units, where it can wreak all sorts of havoc and ruin the system. Dirty filters also obstruct airflow, forcing your units to work harder for less benefit.

3) Control humidity

Neither your heating systems nor your cooling systems work well if your home is too humid. Make sure you run vents in the bathroom and kitchen when bathing or cooking, fix leaks and other sources of moisture in the home, and if necessary invest in a dehumidifier. It will help make your home more comfortable and cheaper to keep that way.

4) Use fans to optimal effect

In the summer, you want your fans blowing cooling streams of air onto your body, downward. This carries away the ‘bubble’ of hot air that surrounds your body, cooling you off rapidly. This works even if the fan isn’t blowing particularly cold air! In the winter, flip the switch to make the fan pull air upward, to help evenly distribute heat through rooms instead of it accumulating at the top.

5) Dress appropriately

You’ll find you’re much more comfortable and reach for the thermostat far less if you dress appropriately for the weather, even indoors.

6) Drink warm or cool drinks

In the winter, a cup of coffee or hot tea can help keep you comfortable. In the summer, cool water or any iced beverage will do the same. Remember, that heat or cold doesn’t go away when you swallow it—your body has to deal with it!

7) Adjust slowly

Your body has quite the ability to adapt; try changing your thermostat settings by one degree and waiting until it feels comfortable. Every degree away from the natural temperature of your home represents an investment of energy—so every little tweak helps!

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