Tips to Minimize Your Climate Control Expenses

Tips to Minimize Your Climate Control Expenses

Want to make the most of your HVAC systems throughout the year? Following these seven steps will make your home more comfortable with less expense, guaranteed:

1. Upgrade old systems

First and foremost, you should replace any system in your house which predates modern Energy Star standards. Older technology can be frighteningly inefficient compared to a modern unit. If your furnace is older than you are, it’s time to contact someone for furnace installation, Albuquerque residents!

2. Replace filters regularly

It’s an extremely simple step, yet many homeowners fail to take it on a regular basis. Simply exchanging out filters for new on your AC or furnace according to the manufacturer recommendation will work wonders for your unit. Your machines will last longer, too; keeping dust out isn’t just about air quality, it’s about the serious damage even small amounts of dust can inflict on HVAC systems.

3. Clean vents and ducts thoroughly

Impediments to airflow don’t just force your system to work harder to do the same work, they wear parts out faster, worsen your air quality, and result in inferior climate control. Clean regularly and you can avoid all of these problems with minimal effort.

4. Make sure your solutions match your problems

You don’t necessarily need central air if only one room ever gets particularly hot. You don’t need the biggest central system you can afford, but rather one that fits. Tailor your solution to the problems preventing your comfort, and you’ll save a lot of money in the process.

5. Seal up gaps throughout your home

For heating or cooling on a budget, nothing beats sealing up the various spaces where your climate-controlled air escapes. Doors, windows, basements: check them all.

6. Install reflective films, paint, and roofing

Depending on the level of investment you’re willing to make, each of these steps can greatly improve your home energy efficiency by minimizing incoming heat from the sun.

7. Use fans and other low-energy tools appropriately

Whether for heating or cooling, ceiling and box fans can help distribute heat and generate airflow for a more comfortable home. Most ceiling fans feature a switch to reverse the flow; for summer, you want a thick stream of air carrying your personal heat away. In winter, you want the cold air pulled up so heat distributes evenly through the room.

For questions or if you’re interested in upgrading your Albuquerque air conditioner system, furnace, or just need some annual maintenance – give Axiom a call!