Ways to Safely Hide Your AC Unit

Ways to Safely Hide Your AC Unit

A beautiful garden can provide a tranquil place for you to enjoy your yard. But sometimes, your HVAC system can get in the way of that. The outdoor unit often adds an unwanted industrial element to your property. Learn how to safely hide your air conditioner so you can appreciate your luscious, green garden.

What you should avoid
While you can use plants to cover up your air conditioning system, you do need to be careful how you do it. If debris falls into the fan cage, it can damage your HVAC system. Debris will need to be removed from the fan cage regularly, but too much debris can slow the fan.

Avoid planting large trees near the unit, or the leaves may fall into the cage. You should also take care not to plant any greenery too close to the outdoor unit. Otherwise, stray leaves or grasses may grow into it. Or, they can be too thick to allow air to blow out.

Tips for hiding your outdoor air conditioning unit
Although you do need to be careful about their placement, plants and barriers can hide your air conditioner from view. Here are a few different ways you can keep your unit out of sight.

1. Use a lattice as a visual barrier
You can place a wood lattice around your air conditioner to make it look less industrial. To provide even more cover, you can plant flowers or shrubs around it. The lattice will keep it from growing into your air conditioning. The holes in the wood are large enough for air to blow out.

2. Plant tall potted grasses
Buy several tall kinds of grass and plant them in large decorative pots. Then, you can place the pots several feet in front of your air conditioner. This provides a great visual barrier. Make sure to avoid putting them too close to the unit and use grasses that can handle the warm air that comes out of your HVAC system.

3. Dress up a fence
Either buy or make your own fence and place it a few feet away from your unit. Avoid closing it in completely, because it will make air conditioning repair close to impossible. Hang a small planter on the fence, or decorate it with small hanging plants. You may be able to turn your air conditioner into one of your favorite garden features.

If you’re worried that your garden has done damage to your air conditioning system, call us at 505-792-9742. Our Albuquerque air conditioning repair services can keep your system running smoothly!