Why Should We Have Our Heating or AC Regularly Maintained?

Why Should We Have Our Heating or AC Regularly Maintained?

This is a question that our team here at Axiom are often asked – both during working hours and when off-duty. We guess it’s a bit like visiting the dentist; most people do that on a fairly regular basis, might need a little minor work done, but usually everything is okay. However, there are others who don’t make an appointment until their mouth is throbbing. They usually find that some major – and expensive – repair work is needed. Perhaps an extraction is even called for, and then a replacement or denture might also be needed.

Sorry for talking so long about dentists, we know lots of folk (including some here) don’t enjoy the experience! However, having an annual check-up for both your air conditioning and your furnace makes as much sense as that regular dental experience. When we check your heating or cooling system, we often find and change small parts which keep the system running smoothly. However, not doing this can lead to major failures further down the line.

Another reason some folk have for putting off scheduled maintenance is they feel it’s all a bit of a hassle. Well, if the whole system goes down, that’s considerably more of a pain. But, our experienced teams understand that life can get hectic, and we always make sure that we schedule our visits at the most convenient time for you and your family. This is especially important when inspecting your furnace, as we obviously have to turn off both the unit and the gas lines before setting to work.

Others worry that they’ll end up with an unexpected and large repair bill. Not with Axiom Home Services. We will always discuss any glaring issues we find with you. We’ll go through your options and never carry out any major repair work without your prior approval. As a locally-owned Albuquerque business for over 35 years, our reputation is important to us; and we treasure the long-time relationships we have with so many great customers. If it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten your AC or furnace checked, give the concierge services of Axiom a call!