Why You Should Leave Furnace Repair to the Professionals

Why You Should Leave Furnace Repair to the Professionals

Many projects around the house don’t necessarily have to be done by a professional. If you are keen on DIY, you probably don’t need to call the pros for help if you are painting your living room, fixing the sink, or doing some landscaping. However, furnace cleaning is a whole new ball game. Furnaces are very precise devices that use pressurized, combustible gas. They also give off carbon monoxide – which can be lethal. Below are some of the more important checks and alterations that a furnace repair professional will perform in a typical cleaning. Many of these tasks are not only difficult but also potentially dangerous for people without proper training.

Examine the heat exchanger
A heat exchanger is indispensable to the effective operation of any furnace. Yet even a small crack in your heat exchanger can be very dangerous. Cracks can cause colorless, odorless Carbon Monoxide (CO) to enter your house, resulting in a potentially lethal situation. Moreover, cracks in a heat exchanger can be difficult to spot without training.

Measure carbon monoxide
A furnace repair professional will conduct a combustion analysis to measure CO in the furnace and ensure your safety.

Measure gas pressure
In order to work effectively and to be safe, a furnace must have gas within a narrow range of pressures. If the gas pressure is not within a standard range, it needs to be adjusted, which should never be attempted without training. A professional will also test for gas leaks and make any repairs needed.

Maintain the condensate line
A furnace professional will ensure that your furnace’s condensate line is free of dust and debris, which is essential to the continued smooth functioning of your furnace.

These are only a few of the more important things that any furnace repair professional will check in a typical cleaning. Additional tests include checking static pressure, the temperature in the furnace plenums, the air filter, support for the vent pipe, ensuring the burners are correctly aligned and checking the igniter.

Maintaining your furnace means more than changing the filter. It is the chance to discover any issues before they become something serious, and to adjust the furnace so that it remains as efficient as possible.

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