3 Tips to Cut Climate Control Costs at Home

3 Tips to Cut Climate Control Costs at Home

Looking to keep your climate control costs from getting out of hand through the cold of winter or the heat of summer? These three tips will have a significant impact on your energy usage throughout the year.

1. Keep your HVAC system clean
By keeping your HVAC system clean, you’ll greatly improve its efficiency. This involves a few different factors, however, so make sure you address each specific problem. First and foremost, of course, is either installing new clean filters on a regular basis or cleaning your reusable filter on a regular basis, whichever is appropriate. Second up is the actual cleanliness of the system – dust and debris clogging up the intake or getting into the coils will not only reduce efficiency, it will kill your system early.

Finally, make sure your vent system is clean – not just the ducts for your HVAC system, but dryer vents, ventilation fans in your bathroom, kitchen, or attic, etc. It all adds up to a significant difference. If you don’t keep ventilation clean and air quality properly under control, your system will run less efficiently and you’ll probably have problems with allergies and other annoyances.

2. Control the flow of air properly
Not only do you want to seal obvious sources of drafts, you want to control for moisture and air quality as well. Somewhat counterintuitively, this means keeping good ventilation – without some flow of air, moisture will accumulate and your home will become more humid. Not only will this make it more uncomfortable and the air quality worse, it will force your system to work harder to achieve the same results.

Try to keep sources of moisture from becoming a problem. Run a kitchen vent when you’re cooking or a bathroom vent while showering and keep wet clothes somewhere they can dry easily and quickly.

3. Try to adjust your comfort range
Every degree you can tolerate warmer or colder will lead to a significant reduction in your heating and cooling costs. Make sure you’re dressing appropriately for the season, use fans to keep cool in the summer and distribute heat effectively in the winter, drink cool water or hot coffee, whatever it takes. Eventually, you’ll get used to that extra degree or two of coolness in the winter and heat in the summer, and your power bill will drop significantly.

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of keeping an efficiently climate controlled home, you can contact Axiom Home Services to ask your questions or arrange any heating or cooling services you may need in the Albuquerque region.