3 Tips to Save on Your Heating & Cooling

3 Tips to Save on Your Heating & Cooling

Looking to keep your monthly energy usage down? These three tips should help you keep your expenses to a minimum over time. Though they might require an investment up front, each of these will pay for itself and then some in no time at all.

1) Weatherproofing

If you keep putting off weatherproofing your home or business because you suspect it won’t make a big difference, it’s time to shatter that misconception. Even basic weatherproofing — sealing up cracks, making sure insulation is intact, and putting heavy curtains up — can have immense effects upon your heating and cooling bills each year. Pay special attention to openings in your home: your doors, your windows, and your basement. Each of these can cost you a ridiculous amount of money, so get those weather strips, reflective coatings, and other solutions in place ASAP.

2) Proper system sizing

Putting aside questions of the quality of the technology heating and cooling your location, perhaps the most important factor to consider will be its size. You no doubt realize that a unit that’s too small will work too hard, wear itself down, and start costing you more and more money for the same impact on climate. But did you realize that a system which is too big will suffer its own problems? Like a car on busy city streets, the stop-and-start cycle of a system that is too big throws away all the efficiency of your unit and costs you money. This is especially important for commercial HVAC installations, where large areas, heavy machinery, and other factors can make sizing trickier. Make sure it’s done right!

3) Basic HVAC maintenance

Keeping up with basic maintenance of your HVAC systems will save you a ton of money each year. Not only will you nip costly situations in the bud, you’ll maintain higher unit efficiency and thus waste less energy. This means cleaning vents, replacing filters as recommended, making sure nothing’s leaking fluid or air, and looking for excess dust where it doesn’t belong. If you see something that doesn’t look right, call an expert — it’ll save you money in the long run.

With these three tips on your side, you’re certain to end each year with a heavier wallet, a more temperate home or business, and a lot less stress. Just make sure you’re investing in the right weatherproofing, HVAC systems, and maintenance tools — it wouldn’t do to waste your money.