4 Mistakes Shortening the Life of Your Heat System

4 Mistakes Shortening the Life of Your Heat System

Are you shortening the life of your heating system? You may be! While your heating system won’t last forever even with perfect care, you can certainly make sure it lasts a longer time in better condition by avoiding these four most common upkeep mistakes:

1. Old filters – This is the most common mistake people make with any sort of HVAC system, but it’s also one of the easiest to fix. Make sure you’re changing your filters at least as frequently as recommended under the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you want to use more aggressive alternative filters to maintain higher air quality, you’ll probably need to change those even more frequently. Check to make sure doing so is safe for your system in advance.

2. Low air quality  – If the air quality of your home suffers in winter, as the air quality in many homes does, then you’re putting additional strain on your heater. As your system forces unclean air through itself, it naturally has a negative impact on the internal mechanisms—not to mention the problems low air quality causes to your health, power bill, and electronic devices.

3. Dirty ducts – If your ducts aren’t clean, not only does your air quality take a dive and the odds of certain pests and problems go up, it makes your HVAC system work overtime to force air through. Your heat system is configured with certain assumptions about how much air it is pushing out—narrow the ducts with filth, and it has to strain itself to achieve the same results. This is definitely going to impact the lifespan and efficiency of your system and may impact its efficacy as well.

4. Inappropriate sizing  – A heating (or cooling) system installed in a home too large or too small for it will run inefficiently as a result, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Whether your unit is running all out at maximum capacity day and night, or switching on and off constantly, either one will contribute not only to mechanical wear but to an uncomfortable home.

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