AC Conversions

Albuquerque AC Conversion

At Axiom HVAC, we know just how important it is to have a reliable and efficient air conditioner, especially during the summer. We’ve all seen those big metal boxes on the sides and tops of houses, but how well does a swamp cooler really work? The short answer: not as well as they should. Not only do these units constantly need maintenance, but they create a higher humidity level inside the home, as well. Unlike refrigerated air, however, swamp coolers cannot keep up with higher temperatures, which is especially disadvantageous in a desert state such as New Mexico.

Albuquerque Air Conditioning Conversion

What if it was possible to get a better air conditioning system, while also being able to save money in the process? With an AC conversion, you can do just that! AC units require less maintenance compared to a swamp cooler, which needs to be serviced at least twice a year. Additionally, upgrading your air conditioning system will also give you the option to attach an air filtration or purification system to remove pollen and allergens from your home. All in all, air conditioners represent the most economical, healthy, and effective way to cool your home or office.

Benefits of Upgrading your AC System

Less Maintenance

  • Frequently, swamp coolers require significantly more maintenance to keep them running than an AC unit.

Fewer Allergens introduced into the Home

  • Swamp coolers use water to cool homes, and moisture can collect even in the driest climates. Humidity can also help cause the growth of allergens such as mold to grow within walls and under floors.
  • Refrigerated air systems don’t create humidity. Furthermore, the filters within an air conditioning system can also reduce the allergens that make it into the home from outdoor air.

More Efficient Cooling

  • Air conditioners offer a more efficient method of cooling homes and businesses compared to swamp coolers. With swamp coolers, the air requires constant introduction of humidified air to maintain a temperature, while AC unites require no moisture to operate.
  • With air conditioning, humidity does not have an effect on the ability of your unit to cool your home. Compared this to swamp coolers, which lose effectiveness as the humidity outside rises.