DC to AC Conversion Benefits

DC to AC Conversion Benefits

Record heat waves keep coming and many home owners are doing everything they can to stay cool. With summer right around the corner, some home owners are worried about the performance of their old swamp cooler. Axiom’s professional cooling services in Albuquerque can dramatically improve your home cooling system by replacing your swamp cooler with an air conditioning unit. We’ve provided you with two of the most beneficial aspects of making an AC conversion for your home.

Save money on home cooling

Compared to old school swamp coolers, modern air conditioning units are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The average energy saving is about 25%. AC units also work more efficiently, no matter what the outdoor temperature and humidity is like – unlike evaporative coolers which don’t operate well in high humidity weather. This means that your home stays cooler and you save money on your electric bill. Air conditioning units require less maintenance, which can save you money on frequent repair costs. Since you won’t have to deal with frequent repairs, you’ll also spend your summer being significantly less stressed!

Additionally, many home owners spend extra money on fans to supplement their swamp coolers, but with an AC unit this is not necessary. Swamp coolers tend to use a lot of water and create a high humidity level in the house, which if not taken care of, can breed mold & bacteria. With an AC conversion, you can save on your water bill and have a less humid home.

More control

An AC unit gives you complete control over the temperature in your home. You can turn the unit on with a simple flick of a switch and set a precise temperature for different times of the day with the thermostat. You’ll also have more control over the air quality in your home since you won’t have to keep windows open, which lets in outdoor allergens. Not having to constantly leave your windows open also makes your home more secure.

Make the switch with Axiom Home Services

Axiom Home Services specializes in providing Albuquerque residents with professional AC conversion installation. You can call us to set up a free consultation, which will give you an accurate quote regarding the price of the conversion. We also offer financing options for approved customers. So don’t wait until Albuquerque’s summer heat has you sweating, contact us today to get started!