Easy Outdoor AC Maintenance Tips

Easy Outdoor AC Maintenance Tips

A major problem you can run into with your HVAC system actually comes from outside your house. The air conditioner is outside and exposed, so you need to protect it as best you can. It doesn’t take much on your end to keep it running at peak efficiency while helping prevent potential damage. Now, you should still bring in professionals annually to inspect the system and make any necessary repairs, but these AC maintenance tips will keep potential repairs down.

The number one thing before you start: Always turn it off – Before performing any kind of routine maintenance on the outside AC unit, always make sure to turn it off. You don’t want it kicking on while cleaning it.

Remove vegetation – If you have any kind of plant life around the AC unit, remove it so it doesn’t grow into the appliance. Not only can some plants cause blockage, but it may draw in insects. Blocking up the AC unit will reduce efficiency, so make sure to check when you’re out around the house.

Vacuum out debris – Chances are, when working through the outdoor unit, you will find some debris stuck to the coils. Use the hose on your vacuum cleaner to remove stuck debris. If you have a wet/dry vac, even better, but your indoor vacuum can work fine for this job. This helps improve the air flow and cooling of the unit. Should you notice any major imperfections, make sure to let the professionals know during your next service.

Clean the fins – The metal fins around the AC unit will become dirty throughout the year. In Albuquerque, it will collect dust and possibly encounter other debris problems. The best way to clean this is to remove the top fan and clean it out with a garden hose. Always spray from the outside in. This pushes everything out and keeps the interior mostly dry.

Performing some general outdoor AC maintenance will keep your unit running smoothly, save you money throughout the year and reduce energy consumed by the air conditioner. This can help when you are in between AC and furnace installation in Albuquerque. Just remember, whenever you need help with an AC conversion, heating in Albuquerque or anything else related to your HVAC system, we’re just a phone call away.