Eco-Friendly AC Units

Eco-Friendly AC Units

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, green is in. Appliance manufacturers in Albuquerque and across the country have started to make the switch to more eco-conscious products, especially to meet government regulations and growing demand for more responsible consumption. Reducing our carbon footprint is obviously important, but when it comes to cooling Albuquerque, energy-saving also means money saving. So as you get ready for the heat of summer, here are a few easy ways to go green and save some green with your cooling services:

1. Energy-saver mode
It sounds simple, but a lot of modern AC units let you switch the mode to “energy saver”. This means that once a room is cooled to your desired temperature, the unit will shut itself off temporarily. This way, it isn’t using unnecessary energy to keep a room at the same temperature.

2. Toughing it out isn’t always the answer
Many people tend to think that if they turn their unit off for long stretches of time, they’ll end up saving energy. On especially hot days, this isn’t always the case. If you have the option of using the energy-saver mode mentioned above, it can actually save you energy to keep your unit on, because it will only use the minimum amount of energy required to cool a room. If you’ve turned it off during a hot spell, it can take a lot more energy and time to get a room back to a comfortable temperature.

3. Measure your space
It’s really important to get an air conditioner that’s designed for the size of your space. If it’s too small, it’ll end up wasting energy trying to cool a space that is simply out of its reach.

4. Ozone-friendly refrigerants
While this isn’t necessarily something that will save you money, when you see an air conditioner that touts its ozone-friendly refrigerants, that’s usually a mark of an overall eco-friendly product, which means it can probably save you energy and money in other ways.

5. Keep it clean
Make sure to clean the outdoor area of your heating and cooling systems. Dirt and neglect can lead to airflow problems that reduce the efficiency of your system by 15%, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Most importantly, make sure to keep up the maintenance and repairs of your air conditioning system, and to consult an expert when it comes to questions about AC conversion and environmentally-friendly cooling. If you’re ready to start saving money & the environment, give us a call today!