Is Your Furnace Ready for an Albuquerque Winter?

Is Your Furnace Ready for an Albuquerque Winter?

If you are a native of our great city, or have lived here for a while, you’ll surely appreciate the three and a half thousand or so hours of sunshine we enjoy across the year. Experts also say that our winters are quite brief compared to many other parts of the country, but this still means that we can wake up to wonderfully clear, but bitingly sharp, winter mornings. Even fall days can be cool and unsettled, and winter is still likely to bring a few days where snow graces our home city and surrounding areas.

From November right through into early March, our night-time temperatures are likely to sneak down to freezing or below. All of which means that a fully functioning furnace becomes a vital part of your home.

Rather than leave it to the last moment, now is a great time to think about having your furnace serviced, or even replaced. Our Axiom Home Services furnace installation and heating repair team here in Albuquerque know that many people still work to the old adage: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, with furnaces, there is a great difference between being broken and not working to maximum efficiency. It’s reckoned that, after furnaces have been operational for around a decade and a half, they might not be as cost-effective as many people think them to be.

This means that it’s costing you much more to get your home temperatures up to where you want them to be when the outside crystal clear sunshine is backed up by biting early morning cold. It’s worth taking time to consider whether your fuel bills have been rising over the last few years, and whether it seems to take your furnace longer to heat your home. You might also notice that it’s considerably noisier than it used to be, that the actual heat delivered can be quite erratic rather than just as toasty warm as you would want it to be all the time.

Other concerns can include: problems with your thermostat, perhaps pilot lights are not lit, or maybe the fan isn’t functioning. In short, if you are not sure that your furnace is in the best shape to help you with the heating you need during an Albuquerque winter, it pays to give us a call on (505) 792-9742 to discuss your concerns.