Quick Guide to Swamp Coolers

Quick Guide to Swamp Coolers

It’s easy, in any line of work, to start using technical terms that are well-known to everyone who works within that particular industry sector. An example of this used to be hi-fi ads that would always talk about woofers, tweeters, and graphic equalizers. At least two of those sounded more like words you might use in a pet store! We know that some of these pieces of jargon occasionally need a bit more in the way of explanation.

Which brings us to ‘evaporative cooling’. It’s a term we use on a regular basis, and is particularly appropriate when it comes to cooling Albuquerque. Occasionally, customers ask us what the heck it actually is!

It’s a way of cooling your home that is highly popular in states like New Mexico where the air is not just hot but also very dry. Its other name is ‘swamp cooling’, which might give a pointer that it’s about taking evaporating water to cool warm air, and then using a system that distributes a gentle cooling breeze around the home. This is what makes it different from, say, an alternative such as the vapor-compression method which is more of a traditional chilling system, similar to what you’d find in your refrigerator.

Historically, evaporative cooling can be traced way back to ancient Egypt and Persia where wind was funneled over underground water sources and then discharged up into the building to be cooled. It was as recently as 1986 that a pair of researchers at the University of Arizona constructed a cooling tower in Tucson and laid the foundations for today’s design guidelines.

Another question we’re often asked is why evaporative cooling is a great home choice. Well, for starters, it’s energy efficient and duct-work is not required for its use. It’s highly effective for cooling Albuquerque and its dry New Mexico environment and offers both low repair rates and maintenance costs.

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