Tips for Saving on Your AC Bill This Summer!

Tips for Saving on Your AC Bill This Summer!

With summer right around the corner, most families are thinking of nothing but the endless dollar signs that come with top-notch cooling services. With those hot Albuquerque summers, keeping the house cool can be a major burden and finding ways to shave a few pennies off that bill is always a major priority. If you’re one of the millions wondering how to keep your summer cooling bills down this year, try out a few of these simple tips.
AC maintenance
There is always a short checklist to consider when trying to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance. The easiest is to check your exterior compressor for debris or anything else that may be blocking air flow. Leaves and other particles in the interior can cause your unit to work unnecessarily harder. On the inside, regularly checking the filter and switching it out every couple months will have the same positive effect. For the more challenging maintenance, or to consider repairs, consulting a professional home specialist, such as Axiom is the way to go!

Buy a fan
Or better yet, buy a few. Even when air conditioners are living up to their fullest potential, one of the biggest challenges overheated homes face is proper air circulation. Setting up a fan or two at key areas of your house, to make sure the cold air has a way to move from one room to another, will make a big difference.

Insulate and shade
General insulation is important but nowhere else more so than on windows. Solar screens are designed specifically to absorb sunlight and keep your house cool, and are especially effective on east- or west–facing windows. On a greener note, keeping your yard well-landscaped can also have a significant impact. Finding ways to keep the sun off your roof and on to blossoming trees will not only keep you cooler, but look great too.

Play it smart
Feel free to indulge yourself during peak hours of the day, and keep your house as cool as you prefer. But at night when things cool down, or when you’re away, kick the AC back up a few degrees and you will be amazed how much money you can save. After all, why pay for what you’re not using?

If you suspect that your cooling system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, Axiom Home Services can repair, replace and maintain your AC unit to keep it running smoothly and your family cool when the summer heat hits!